CSCS ICAR<br>Official Results

Official Results


CSCS Results for July 26th @ ICAR, Mirabel


Drifting – 1st Place J Purdy
Drifting – 2nd Place C Lim
Drifting – 3rd Place J Trudel



MaxAttack – 1st Place James Houghton
MaxAttack – 2nd Place Mathieu Chenard
MaxAttack – 3rd Place Max Vincent


Time Attack

Time Attack – Unlimited AWD – 1st Place Brian Wong
Time Attack – Unlimited AWD – 2nd Place Mathieu Chenard
Time Attack – Unlimited AWD – 3rd Place Beven Gray
Time Attack – Unlimited RWD – 1st Place Max Vincent
Time Attack – Unlimited RWD – 2nd Place Adam Kube
Time Attack – Unlimited RWD – 3rd Place Bryson Cook
Time Attack – Unlimited FWD – 1st Place James Houghton
Time Attack – Unlimited FWD – 2nd Place Charlie Papapetrou
Time Attack – Unlimited FWD – 3rd Place Jean- Francois Robert
Time Attack – Super Street AWD – 1st Place Yann Quimper
Time Attack – Super Street AWD – 2nd Place Brandon Cawker
Time Attack – Super Street RWD – 1st Place Riaan Van Vuuren
Time Attack – Super Street RWD – 2nd Place Scott Shadbolt
Time Attack – Super Street RWD – 3rd Place Kyle Leavy
Time Attack – Super Street FWD – 1st Place Chris Boersma
Time Attack – Super Street FWD – 2nd Place Wilson Chan
Time Attack – Super Street FWD – 3rd Place Raphael Witty
Time Attack – Street AWD – 1st Place Corwyn Amendt
Time Attack – Street AWD – 2nd Place Ryan Byrne
Time Attack – Street AWD – 3rd Place Chris Richardson
Time Attack – Street RWD – 1st Place Martin Derengowski
Time Attack – Street RWD – 2nd Place Ramesh Krishnan
Time Attack – Street RWD – 3rd Place Dave Biagioni
Time Attack – Street FWD – 1st Place Erik Dalla Riva
Time Attack – Street FWD – 2nd Place Mike Ventura
Time Attack – Street FWD – 3rd Place Adam Olds


Show and Shine

Best of Show
1st: Brian Vivaros
2nd: Rui Paolo
3rd: Frank Conforti
Speciality Awards – Best Of’s
Largest club Next Level
Best Graphics Adam
Body Brian Viveiros
Interior Alex Carrier
Engine Frank Conforti
Paint Rui Paolo
Stance Air Alexime Maldera
Stance Static Kristina Duque
ICE Patrice Laurin
Judges Favourite Colin Green
Class Awards
6th Gen Civic 1st: Frank Conforti
8th Gen Civic 1st: Derek Rojas
9th Gen Civic 1st: Kristina Duque 2nd: Josh Bula
Best Honda 1st: Paul Andre Couture 2nd: Kyxx Eden
Best Acura 1st: Brandon 2nd: Greg Moniz
Best Scion 1st: Ellis White
Best RSX 1st: Brian Vivaros 2nd: Matt Gosse
Best Toyota 1st: Brandon H
Best Mazda 1st: Sebastien Poirier 2nd: Yaniv Dodoun
Best Mitsubishi 1st: Alex Carrier 2nd: Andrew Steves
Best Nissan 1st: Alexime Maldera 2nd: Raymond Hammond
Best Hyundai 1st: Patrick Morin
Best Euro Other 1st: Rui Paolo 2nd: Jevon Crooks
Best J-Body 1st: Aldo 2nd: Patrick Laurin
Best Ford 1st; Duarte DaSilva 2nd: Andrew Pachero
Best Truck 1st: Adam 2nd: Hugo Melcancon
Best Scion 1st: Ashley Shields
Best FRS/ BRZ 1st: Barrington 2nd: Albert Suetin