Event Breakdown

* Please see schedule, track layout & passing zones. *


Open Lapping Rules & Regulations

– Open Lapping Drivers must check in and get run group stickers at the Versace Tech Trailer.

– Once you are designated a run group, you must only run in that group for the rest of the day

– Follow the schedule, you are only allowed to go out at your designated run group times.

– When going on the grid please line up in your designated lane.

– We will be checking for driver wristbands!

– Helmets are mandatory – Do not remove your helmet until you are off the track.

– Do not speed in the pits and/or grid

– Open Lapping is not racing, please be courteous to other drivers

– Once the checkered flag is waved, your session is over. Use the rest of the lap to cool down then you must exit the track. *Extra cool down lap may result disciplinary action*

–  Passing is ONLY allowed in designated passing zones (See Attached – Passing Zones)

– We are running on a time sensitive schedule! Know your run group times and follow the schedule!

– Stay safe and enjoy the day!

Open Lapping Flags

Signals the start of a session/race or the end of a caution (Yellow Flag) period. This signals a clear track.

Signals a caution, which indicates that drivers should slow down to a significantly reduced speed. Debris on the track or a stopped vehicle are typically the reason for this flag.

If you see a green at one flagging station and a yellow at the next, it typically means that there is debris, a slow car or a spill somewhere from that point onwards.

Signifies the race/session must be stopped immediately, serious incident ahead. DO NOT slam on your brakes. Slow down safely to a stop, marshalls will instruct you on what to do next. Stay in your vehicle with your seatbelt and helmet on. This is usually for safety reasons and must be adhered to without fault.

The black flag will be held out then pointed at the driver in question. Reduce speed and return back to pit road where a marshall or CSCS will speak to you.

There may be a problem with your car

You may have violated track rules

Warning for unsportsmanlike conduct

Failure to follow passing procedures

Ignoring the black flag will result in session and/or overall disqualification

This indicates that the driving session has concluded.

The rest of the lap is for cool down, exit the track and return to the pits.