CSCS Drift, is a showcase of a variety of drift cars, to put on the best show we can for the spectators and give them a taste of drifting in Ontario!
We are looking for experienced drivers who are comfortable tandeming, respect track etiquette and fellow drivers.
(example: 2022 CSCS Round 2 – 12 car drift train)
Less track downtime = more track time
(Spin outs, regular off-track excursions, etc.)
With CSCS Drift, we run a very tight schedule with the other elements of the event.
For that reason, we have limited capacity and little room for error.
Motorsports incidents can still happen, but we try to do everything we can to minimize it.
If you feel you qualify and would like to be added to the seasonal driver roster, please fill out the form below for review.
Feel free to send an e-mail to [email protected] for any questions.