CSCS Season Opener Results<br/>Sunday June 2 @ TMP, Cayuga

CSCS Season Opener Results
Sunday June 2 @ TMP, Cayuga


CSCS Results for June 2, 2013 @ Toronto Motorsports Park


Drifting – 1st Place Miguel Pereira
Drifting – 2nd Place Cody Loughhead
Drifting – 3rd Place Francisco Becerra


Time Attack

Time Attack – Unlimited AWD – 1st Place Mike McGinnis – New Track Record
Time Attack – Unlimited AWD – 2nd Place Paul Loeffelhoz
Time Attack – Unlimited AWD – 3rd Place Cosimo Spatola
Time Attack – Unlimited RWD – 1st Place James Kutschke
Time Attack – Unlimited RWD – 2nd Place
Time Attack – Unlimited RWD – 3rd Place
Andrew Cassidy
Stewart Wilson
Time Attack – Unlimited FWD – 1st Place James Houghton
Time Attack – Unlimited FWD – 2nd Place William Au-Yeung
Time Attack – Super Street AWD – 1st Place Michael Harvey
Time Attack – Super Street AWD – 2nd Place Alex Li
Time Attack – Super Street AWD – 3rd Place B. Don
Time Attack – Super Street RWD – 1st Place Michael Gardner
Time Attack – Super Street RWD – 2nd Place Mike Bartlett
Time Attack – Super Street RWD – 3rd Place Vyacheslav Koval
Time Attack – Super Street FWD – 1st Place Chris Boersma
Time Attack – Super Street FWD – 2nd Place Lap Li
Time Attack – Super Street FWD – 3rd Place Eric Lavigne
Time Attack – Street AWD – 1st Place Andrew Wong
Time Attack – Street RWD – 1st Place Vince Strati
Time Attack – Street RWD – 2nd Place Jun Ann
Time Attack – Street RWD – 3rd Place Patrick Ho
Time Attack – Street FWD – 1st Place John Silva
Time Attack – Street FWD – 2nd Place Luigi Montanez
Time Attack – Street FWD – 3rd Place Niko Trasias




Drag Racing

Bracket  – 1st Place Clint McAdams
Bracket  – 2nd Place Shayne Goodwin
Pure Street – 1st Place Clint McAdams
Pure Street – 2nd Place Marten Metclaffe
Street Warz – 1st Place Randy R.
Street Warz – 2nd Place Adriano D.
Super Street – 1st Place Jason Velenosi
Super Street – 2nd Place Eric G.


Show and Shine

Best of Show
1st: Rich Polsini (Infiniti G35)
2nd: Marco Bifolchi (Nissan 240sx)
3rd: Kevin Da Costa (Ford Mustang)
Speciality Awards – Best Of’s
Largest club
Best Team
Street Impressions
Street Outlawz
Vyacheslav Koval
Body John Woolley
Interior Jeffrey Blacker
Engine Brian Middleton
Paint James Ferretti
ICE Rich Polsini
Judges Favourite Devin S.
Class Awards
4th Gen Civic 1st: Jon Carey
5th Gen Civic 1st: Tracey Elliott 2nd: Jesse G.
6th Gen Civic 1st: Julien 2nd: Devon
7th Gen Civic 1st: Chris Edwards
8th Gen Civic 1st: Derek Roias
9th Gen Civic 1st: Ty Brick
Best Honda 1st: Michael P. 2nd: Scott Moffat
Best Acura 1st: Matte Grosse 2nd: Javed Ally
Best Subaru 1st: Mike Pisco 2nd: Daniel A.
Best Toyota 1st: Thomas W. 2nd: Patrick S.
Best Mazda 1st: Brian Van H. 2nd: Colin G.
Best Nissan 1st: Marco B. 2nd: Ryan G.
Best Infiniti 1st: Rich Polsoni
Best Genesis 1st: Ian Hewson 2nd: Richard Wu
Best Scion 1st: Steve T.
Best Volkswagen 1st: Josh Schafer 2nd: Joe C.
Best Integra 1st: Andrew T.
Best Euro Other 1st: Vyacheslav Koval 2nd: Mike B.
Best J-Body 1st: Kevin Soper
Best Pontiac 1st: Daniel D.
Best Ford 1st: Kevin D. 2nd: Adam F.
Best Domestic 1st: Brian  M. 2nd: Tom Franjic
Best Cobalt 1st: Crystal M. 2nd: Chantal C.
Best Truck/SUV 1st: Connor Wilksinon
Best Mini Truck 1st: Ed Stanton 2nd: James F.