CSCS Season Finale<br>Official Results

CSCS Season Finale
Official Results


CSCS Results for September 20th @ TMP, Cayuga


Drifting – 1stCSCS_2015_round2_pointspost_ Place Pat Cyr
Drifting – 2nd Place Riley Sexsmith
Drifting – 3rd Place Stephan Van Sleuwan



MaxAttack – 1st Place Lap Li
MaxAttack – 2nd Place Brandon Cawker
MaxAttack – 3rd Place James Houghton


Time Attack

Time Attack – Unlimited AWD – 1st Place Daniel O’Donnell
Time Attack – Unlimited AWD – 2nd Place Beven Gray
Time Attack – Unlimited RWD – 1st Place Vince Strati
Time Attack – Unlimited RWD – 2nd Place Orey Fidani
Time Attack – Unlimited RWD – 3rd Place Tim Gaudry
Time Attack – Unlimited FWD – 1st Place James Houghton
Time Attack – Unlimited FWD – 2nd Place Tom Glogowski
Time Attack – Unlimited FWD – 3rd Place Charlie Papapetrou
Time Attack – Super Street AWD – 1st Place Richard Grossi
Time Attack – Super Street AWD – 2nd Place Noel Sewpaul
Time Attack – Super Street AWD – 3rd Place Stephen Denaka
Time Attack – Super Street RWD – 1st Place Mike Gardner
Time Attack – Super Street RWD – 2nd Place Riaan Van Vuuren
Time Attack – Super Street RWD – 3rd Place Slava Koval
Time Attack – Super Street FWD – 1st Place Chris Boersma
Time Attack – Super Street FWD – 2nd Place Luigi Montanez
Time Attack – Super Street FWD – 3rd Place Wilson Chan
Time Attack – Street AWD – 1st Place Brandon Gomes
Time Attack – Street AWD – 2nd Place Ryan Byrne
Time Attack – Street AWD – 3rd Place Chris Richardson
Time Attack – Street RWD – 1st Place Ramesh Krishnan
Time Attack – Street RWD – 2nd Place Dave Biagioni
Time Attack – Street RWD – 3rd Place Martin Derengowski
Time Attack – Street FWD – 1st Place Lap Li
Time Attack – Street FWD – 2nd Place Luke Rowley
Time Attack – Street FWD – 3rd Place Erik Dalla Riva


Drag Racing

Bracket  – 1st Place James Denvir
Bracket  – 2nd Place Micheal Anderson
Pure Street – 1st Place Clint McAdams
Pure Street – 2nd Place Travis Hazelton
Street Warz – 1st Place Corey Schneider
Street Warz – 2nd Place Brady Lesperance


Show and Shine

Best of Show
1st: Tom Nguyen
2nd: Kevin DeCosta
3rd: Kyle Gibson
Speciality Awards – Best Of’s
Largest club Ontario Rides
Best Graphics Kevin Tay
Body Tom Nguyen
Interior< Clench
Engine Brad Ruiter
Paint Jessie Beattie
Stance Air Michael P
Stance Static Rudy Lopez
ICE Richard Ho
Judges Favourite Chase Johnson
Wheels Andrew B
Class Awards
4th Gen Civic 1st: Nolan P 2nd: Jonathan Robb
5th Gen Civic 1st: Mike C 2nd: Mike Luis
6th Gen Civic 1st: Greg Perry 2nd: Tino K
7th Gen Civic 1st: Donnie Cordea
8th Gen Civic 1st: Derek R 2nd: John Mateo
9th Gen Civic 1st: Raj Singh 2nd: Christopher L
Best Honda 1st: Michael P 2nd: Greg Moniz
Best Acura 1st: Jorge B 2nd: Nicolas S
Best Scion 1st: Jorge Montero 2nd: Katie B
Best RSX 1st: Andy Grillo 2nd: Riccardo Luis
Best Subaru 1st: Kyle Gibson 2nd: Owen Howell
Best Toyota 1st: Brandon Hamid 2nd: Jordan S
Best Mazda 1st: Jessie Beattie 2nd: Brad Ruiter
Best Mitsubishi 1st: Nick I 2nd: Moe
Best Nissan 1st: Wes Walker 2nd: Walid
Best Hyundai 1st: Wesley C 2nd: Eric Harrison
Best Genesis 1st: Brian Whitney 2nd: Tyler A
Best Jetta 1st: Jorge P 2nd: Nichholas C
Best Volkswagen 1st: Maurice 2nd: Wyatt
Best Euro Other 1st: Pedro Alvez 2nd: Kevin Tay
Best J-Body 1st: Justin T 2nd: Joey S
Best Ford 1st: Justin Good 2nd: Adam F
Best Mustang 1st: Kevin DeCosta 2nd: Duarte Dasilva
Best Truck 1st: Rudy Lopez 2nd: Jordan T
Best Mini Truck 1st: Billy T 2nd: Alex S
Best Scion 1st: Jorge M 2nd: Kevin R
Best FRS/ BRZ 1st: Taylor T
Best Domestic Other 1st: Sergio S 2nd: Alvin H
Best Import Other 1st: Mike R 2nd: Peter H
Best Integra 1st: Aaron P 2nd: Ellis W
Best Mazdaspeed 3 1st: Jesse T 2nd: Peter C
Best Evolution 1st: Mark 2nd: Manny M
Best Charger/ 300 1st: Clench 2nd: Navin G
Best Z 1st: David A 2nd: Matthew P
Best Supra 1st: Tom Nguyen 2nd: Richard B
Best Bike 1st: Brandon Brown