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Drifting, unlike traditional forms of motorsports, is not a timed event. Judged on overall execution and style, drivers intentionally slide their cars through a high speed course. Elimination rounds are done in tandem and this door to door action gives competitors and fans a rush of adrenaline unlike any other. CSCS Drift has grown into a highly competitive series featuring some of Canada’s fastest drifters.

CSCS Drift is judged on the following criteria:



Drift angle refers to the angle of the vehicle in comparison to the direction of travel. To receive maximum points in this category the driver must bring the rear end of the vehicle around as much as possible.


This category is heavily based on the entrance speed into each individual corner, however overall speed carried through the corners and exit speed is also taken into consideration.

Race Line / Linking

The first segment of this category refers to the driver’s capability to start from the outer apex of the turn and carry the car into the inner apex of the corner as tight as possible, the driver should then get the back end of the car as close to the outer apex of the turn. The second segment of this category is the driver’s capability to properly transition into the following turn, by properly exiting the previous corner.


To achieve maximum points in this category the driver should be playing to the crowd. This can be done in many ways including angle, speed, smoke, and overall appearance.


Important information to note:

  • All competitors MUST pre-register
  • All competitors/passengers must wear an approved helmet
  • Drifting events are rain or shine
  • Click here to read the Official 2019 Drift Rulebook

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us at info@cscs.ca