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Canadian Sport Compact Series :: CSCS Round 5 – Sept. 15, 2019 – Official Results
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CSCS Round 5 – Sept. 15, 2019 – Official Results

Posted on September 24, 2019


Valino Driver of the Day Liam Stanford
Spirit of Drift  Angelo Lamigo
Fan Favourite Dimitri Goritsas
Best Team Tandem  Small Town Style
Street Legal Class Winners
1st Place Ryan Chapman
2nd Place Brandon Kostrzewa
3rd Place Connor Snow
4th Place Liam Stanford
Pro Class Winners
1st Place Josiah Fallaise
2nd Place Dimitri Goritsas
3rd Place Joel Fallaise
4th Place Brent Stratton


Classes 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Production AWD Mike Krbavac David Donskoy Alex McPherson
Production FWD Bryan Sperandei Jared Gutierrez Yifeng Liu
Production RWD Robert Mitchell Billy Yo Laksman Paranthaman
Street AWD Lucas Tucciarone Christopher Richardson Korey Kryder
Street FWD Lap Li John Silva Christopher Hui
Street RWD Ramesh Krishnan Leo Fissore Cody Welsh
Super Street AWD Tony Tao Christopher Kennealy George Bessiris
Super Street FWD Vince Strati Alex Lam
Super Street RWD Xin Liang Nick Martile Billy Wang
Unlimited AWD Richard Boake James Houghton Joe Liu
Unlimited FWD James Houghton
Unlimited RWD Sasha Anis Andrew Cassidy Sylvain Toupin


SONAX Tuner Cup Show & Shine Results
Best of Show
1st Place Adam Hargitai
2nd Place Alysha Kotlan
3rd Place Justin Massey
Speciality Awards
Largest Club Ignition
Best Graphics Brendan Carmody
Best Body Junji Tau
Best Interior Justin Massey
Best Engine Christian Morales
Best Paint Shane Shultz
Best I.C.E. Bryan R
Blake’s (Judge’s) Favourite
Best Stance – Air Adam Hargitai
Best Stance – Static Will Keetch
Best Wheels Nick Melo
Best of Class Awards
Best Acura 1st Bryan R 2nd Andrew R
Best Audi  1st Mark M 2nd Eric Sass
Best Bentley  1st Corey Murphy 2nd
Best BMW 1st Brendan Carmody 2nd Brandon W
Best Chevy 1st Alysha Kotlan 2nd Greg Mandigo
Best Civic Post 2000 1st Nikash Ramoutar 2nd Ryan Lucas
Best Civic Pre 2000 1st Christian Moralis 2nd Ranier
Best Dodge 1st Jarrett McIntyre 2nd Fernando Conforti
Best Domestic Other 1st Justin Massey 2nd Tyler Dulong
Best FRS / BRZ / 86 1st Junji Tau 2nd Nick Green
Best Honda 1st Raymond Tsang 2nd Jomer Trinidad
Best Hyundai 1st Glenroy Griffiths 2nd Kyle Arbour
Best Infiniti  1st Trenton Pase 2nd
Best Kia 1st Heather Corbett 2nd Don Holmes
Best Lexus 1st Rahil Gupta 2nd James Mastrokalos
Best Mazda 1st Evan Tibbets 2nd Taylor White
Best Mercedes 1st Wayan Sudewa 2nd
Best Miata 1st Alex Milanovich 2nd Will Keetch
Best Mini Truck  1st Alex Seddon 2nd Kathlan Heany
Best Mitsubishi 1st Jason 2nd Murray Fell
Best Nissan 1st Freddy 2nd Alisha Bhai
Best Rx-7 1st Jarrett Lowry 2nd Alicia Bedell
Best Scion 1st Trevor Colombe 2nd Greg Orlando
Best Subaru  1st Ethan Miller 2nd Devin Chwieczak
Best Subaru Impreza 1st Matt Kulesza 2nd Sam Zaman
Best SUV 1st Jen Pearson 2nd Michael Bulario
Best Toyota 1st Nick Melo 2nd Khalid Goolmohamed
Best Truck / Off Road 1st Chayne Hardenbrook 2nd
Best Volkswagen Golf 1st Shane Shultz 2nd Paul Bishop
Best Volkswagen Jetta 1st Adam Hargitai 2nd Kyle Pearson
Best Volkswagen 1st Austin Saraiva 2nd Connor Roodra

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