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CSCS Round 2 Results
June 29 @ Grand Bend Motorplex

Posted on July 4, 2014


CSCS Results for June 29, 2014 @ Grand Bend Motorplex


Drifting – 1st Place TBD @ Round 3
Drifting – 2nd Place TBD @ Round 3
Drifting – 3rd Place Nelson Montiero


Time Attack

Time Attack – Unlimited AWD – 1st Place Mike McGinnis
Time Attack – Unlimited RWD – 1st Place Riaan Van Vuuren
Time Attack – Unlimited RWD – 2nd Place Marco Jorge
Time Attack – Unlimited RWD – 3rd Place Andrew Cassidy
Time Attack – Unlimited FWD – 1st Place James Houghton
Time Attack – Unlimited FWD – 2nd Place Mitchell Hemmen
Time Attack – Unlimited FWD – 3rd Place Tom Glogowski
Time Attack – Super Street AWD – 1st Place Richard Grossi
Time Attack – Super Street AWD – 2nd Place Trevor Hancher
Time Attack – Super Street RWD – 1st Place Michael Gardner
Time Attack – Super Street RWD – 2nd Place Vince Strati
Time Attack – Super Street RWD – 3rd Place Scott Shadbolt
Time Attack – Super Street FWD – 1st Place William Au-Yeung
Time Attack – Super Street FWD – 2nd Place Eric Lavigne
Time Attack – Super Street FWD – 3rd Place Chris Boersma
Time Attack – Street AWD – 1st Place Alex Polski
Time Attack – Street AWD – 2nd Place Richard Nadeau
Time Attack – Street AWD – 3rd Place Corwyn Amendt
Time Attack – Street RWD – 1st Place Ramesh Krishnan
Time Attack – Street RWD – 2nd Place Tim Gaudry
Time Attack – Street RWD – 3rd Place Dave Biagioni
Time Attack – Street FWD – 1st Place Ryan Beck
Time Attack – Street FWD – 2nd Place Erik Dalla Riva
Time Attack – Street FWD – 3rd Place Brandon Yapp


Show and Shine

Best of Show
1st: Marco Bifolchi (Nissan 240sx)
2nd: Kevin D (Mustang)
3rd: Billy T (Integra)
Speciality Awards – Best Of’s
Largest club Nextlevel
Best Graphics Slava K
Body Matt G
Interior Jason M
Engine Marco B
Paint John R
ICE Billy T
Judges Favourite Jessy C
Class Awards
5th Gen Civic 1st: Josh Icon 2nd: Brandon Icon
6th Gen Civic 1st: Scott Leis
7th Gen Civic 1st: Candice Bordman
8th Gen Civic 1st: Tyler Lisk
9th Gen Civic 1st: Kristina Duque
Best Honda 1st: Simon Lee 2nd: Arun J
Best Acura 1st: Greg M 2nd: Eric D
Best RSX 1st: Jason M 2nd: Matt G
Best Subaru 1st: Jon Erickson 2nd: Ryan Fray
Best Toyota 1st: Jose Barbosa 2nd: Patrick Swayze
Best Mazda 1st: John Romano 2nd: Jesse B
Best Mitsubishi 1st: Justin Chan
Best Nissan 1st: Marco Bifolchi 2nd: Tony Montalban
Best Hyundai 1st: Rob Oliver 2nd: Danny DaSilva
Best Volkswagen 1st: Buddy Aspden 2nd: Tristan Tsang
Best Euro Other 1st: Jeremie D.
Best Import Other 1st: Richard W. 2nd: Lakshan
Best J-Body 1st: Matt Howe 2nd: Josh Cluney
Best Ford 1st: Kevin Da Costa 2nd: Steven H
Best Truck 1st: Shawn S 2nd: Kristine + Drew
Best Mini Truck 1st: Billy T
Best Scion 1st: Barrington M
Best BMW 1st: Slava K 2nd: Danny E
Best Integra 1st: Billy T 2nd: Jon Ruxton
Best 350Z/ 370Z 1st: Cengiz H 2nd: Mike H
Best GM 1st: Scott McPhee 2nd: Dan S

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